Transaction Management


The Transactions page is your centralised hub for overseeing all transaction activities. Transactions are displayed here in real time with the most up to date status available. From here, you can effortlessly view all your transactions in real-time, along with key activities like:

  • Search for specific transactions to view their status
  • Process voids and refunds

Simplify your transaction management tasks with easy access to essential tools, ensuring smooth financial operations and customer satisfaction.


All of your transactions are logged in a centralised location within the Hub, giving you a convenient and comprehensive understanding of your transactions.

The List tab to view a list of all transaction requests. This view displays all your transactions while allowing you to apply filters for a more narrowed search.

To view the in-depth details of a specific transaction, click into the order_id and you will be redirected to the Transaction Details page (alternatively, click into the ellipsis and select 'view details').

The layout defaults to include all the key details available without having to search. It shows information such as the unique order ID, the associated customer, and further transaction detail.

By default, the most recently created transactions will be displayed at the top of the list. From the transactions table you can view general details, such as, the associated MID, order ID, amount etc. To view more detail on a transaction click into the record.

Understanding your transactions

As a merchant viewing the transaction detail, you will be able to view the status and reason which will inform you of the outcome of the payment request. The transaction_type will also be displayed and the correlating issuer response code.

Transaction Details

Navigating to the Transaction Details page for a specific transaction will provide an in-depth view into that transaction. Along with details on the success or failure of a transaction's authorisation, you can find "related transactions" related to the capture, void or refund transaction.

To see related recurring payments, use the link included for the customer_id to see the full transaction history of a given customer. You can find more about the Customers page here.