Mandate Timelines


Normally, it takes 3 working days to confirm whether the mandate was successfully set up against the customer's bank account. However, for mandate requests initiated after 7:00PM, an additional day, totaling 4 working days, is necessary for confirmation. Please refer to the diagrams below for a visual explanation:

Before 5:00pm

If your mandate request is generated before 5:00pm, it will be forwarded to the Bacs scheme on the same day.

After 5:00pm

For mandate requests post 5:00pm, they will be sent to the Bacs scheme the subsequent day, resulting in an additional day to confirm its status.

This timeline assumes that the mandate request is sent on a working day. If the request is received on a non-working day, such as a weekend or bank holiday, it will be carried forward and transmitted to Bacs on the next available working day.



Mandates initially reside in a pending status. They will either transition to an active status or a rejected status as part the creation process. Once a mandate is active, it won't shift to rejected. These diagrams simply illustrate the successful and unsuccessful paths of mandate creation.