Steps to Go-Live


Before you go live there are important steps that you need to complete. Firstly, you must add the required IP addresses to the allowlist. Secondly, you must generate an access_token for the production environment.


For security purposes, we only support the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol to authenticate and encrypt data securely.

In order to authorise access to the API, as well as generating an access_token, you must add the IP addresses that you will use to connect into's API into the Allowlist.



If you have dynamic IP addresses (i.e. not fixed), then you can bypass the requirement for adding the required IP addresses to the allowlist.

  1. Log into the Hub.
  2. Go to Settings > Allowlist.
  3. Click + Add IP Address.
  4. Enter the IP address and save.

You can add as many IP addresses as required by repeating the above process.

Any IP Addresses added to the Allowlist will be displayed. You can easily delete an entry by clicking on the ellipsis in the Action column and selecting Delete IP Address.



If you are performing any upgrades that could affect your IP address, for example, server upgrades, make sure that you add the new IP address to the Allowlist in the same way.

Generating access_tokens

When authenticating to the live API, you must use the production app_key and app_id values.

Make sure that you are using the production URL -

Follow the exact same steps as outlined in our Authentication guide.