Learn about our Components solution to collect payments.


Components comprises a collection of pre-built UI components supported by a Javascript SDK. When utilising this integration method, sensitive cardholder data is directly entering into our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant environment, tokenised securely without requiring any interaction with your server. This approach minimises the exposure of sensitive data on your website, reducing the risk of data breaches and allows you to complete SAQ-A.

Payment methods

  • Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Benefits of Components

  • Choice of three Components solutions to integrate: Form, Payment and Fields.
  • PCI DSS compliant environment, keeping payment details secure.
  • Customisable using CSS variables to make the components match your brand and deliver a seamless checkout experience.
  • Enhanced security ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is captured securely within the Acquired environment.
  • Supports the use of 3-D Secure.
  • Support for different payment methods, including Apple Pay & Google Pay.
  • Express Checkout (COMING SOON).

How it works

Typical customer journey for eCommerce merchants using Components:

  1. When the customer is ready to complete a purchase they visit the checkout page.
  2. The merchant server uses the cardholder transaction information to create a payment session and Acquired returns a session_id.
  3. The session_id is then loaded on the client side into the Component.
  4. The Component collects the payment details, any additional information such as billing or shipping data and presents the payment result to the cardholder.
  5. The merchant server receives a webhook notification containing the payment outcome.

Comparison of solutions

Components vs. Hosted Checkout vs. API-integration: Choose the right solution that works for your business.

ComponentsMediumUse our pre-built UI components supported by a Javascript SDK to build a customised Checkout.
CheckoutLowUse our prebuilt conversion-optimised checkout that you can customise to match your brand.
APIHighBuild a fully API-based integration, allowing you to design your own checkout UI.