Pay by Bank

Learn about our Pay by Bank product that enables your customer's to make direct payments by using their own online banking details.

Overview provides a single public API that enables you to access UK banks for payment initiation services.

Integration methods

Build a better Checkout experience for your customers by selecting the integration method that's right for your organisation.

CheckoutLowGet started quickly with Pay by Bank, a prebuilt Hosted Checkout that you can customise to match your brand.
APIHighBuild a fully API-based integration, allowing you to design your own checkout UI.

Banks supported

Here are the banks covered by in the UK and the integration methods supported for each of them.

BankPay by Bank - Hosted CheckoutAPI-only
Bank of IrelandComing SoonComing Soon
Bank of Ireland BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Bank of ScotlandLiveLive
Bank of Scotland CommercialComing SoonComing Soon
Bank of Scotland BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Barclays BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
ChaseComing SoonComing Soon
First DirectLiveLive
First TrustComing SoonComing Soon
First Trust BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
HSBC BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Lloyds BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Lloyds CommercialComing SoonComing Soon
MettleComing SoonComing Soon
Natwest Bankline BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)LiveLive
Royal Bank of Scotland Bankline BusinessComing SoonComing Soon
Tesco BankComing SoonComing Soon
TideComing SoonComing Soon
Virgin MoneyComing SoonComing Soon
WiseComing SoonComing Soon

Don't see your bank? We are continuously integrating into new banks to increase our coverage, please check back soon or contact [email protected] to request the current status for any UK bank.

User journey

The below video demonstrates the user journey when selecting to use Pay by Bank.

  1. The user selects their bank, reviews the payment details and confirms that they wish to proceed with the payment.

  2. Your application creates a payment with and is returned a link_id.

  3. Your system uses the link_id to construct the payment link url and display the Pay by Bank Checkout to your user.

  4. The user selects their preferred bank and confirms that they wish to proceed with the payment.

  5. The Pay by Bank Checkout redirects the user to their mobile banking app or online portal to complete the payment.

  6. The user authorises the payment in their mobile banking app or online portal.

  7. Once the authorisation is complete, the bank redirects the user back to the Pay by Bank Checkout for payment confirmation.

  8. The Pay by Bank Checkout redirects the user to your redirect_url. Your application can then confirm the final status of the payment to your user.

The payment authorisation flow

The payment journey remains relatively consistent across desktop and mobile devices. However, the method used to authorise and approve the payment varies, please continue reading for additional information on step 2 of the user journey process.

2a. Mobile only flow

If the user is completing the checkout process on a mobile device then the user's mobile banking application will be automatically launched for authorisation.

If the mobile banking application is not installed on their device then the user will be redirected to their banks online portal in their mobile browser.

The user will be required to sign in using the banks pre-existing process, which typically involves biometric signatures or secure credentials.

2b. Decoupled flow

If the user initiated the checkout process on their desktop device, then our Pay by Bank Checkout will present the user with a QR code. This allows the user to hand-over the authentication step to their mobile device, which typically results in increased conversion and delivers an improved user experience.

As soon as the QR Code is scanned the user is presented with a payment loader on their desktop device, which actively listens for updates of the payment status.

Meanwhile the users mobile banking application will be automatically launched on their mobile device for authorisation.

Once the user has authorised the transaction their mobile device will ask them to refer back to their desktop device to view confirmation of the payment.

2c. Desktop flow

As mentioned, when the user is completing the checkout process on a desktop device, our Pay by Bank Checkout will present them with a QR code.

If the user selects to continue the process on desktop, our Pay by Bank Checkout will launch the users online banking application to authenticate in their browser.