Recurring Payments

Learn how to process recurring payments within the API.


Recurring payments can be used to charge customers on a regular basis, such as, for subscription or credit-based services. They can be for a one-off amount, or for a regular amount, such as a weekly, monthly or annual charge.

Recurring payment request

For more information on the parameters involved, please refer to our recurring payments API reference.


  "transaction": {
    "order_id": "5c5fddcc-6a5c-400d-823b-920022b9fc51",
    "amount": 15.02,
    "currency": "gbp",
    "capture": true
  "payment": {
    "card_id": "0d004a37-4163-70d2-f512-6313bf3da9de",
    "reference": "Custom Ref 001",
    "subscription_reason": "recurring"

Successful response:

   "transaction_id": "673bcc81-3c71-4bf6-80c0-5269ad8b974b",
   "status": "success",
   "issuer_response_code": "00",
   "check": {
    "avs_line1": "matched",
    "avs_postcode": "matched"
   "links": [
       "rel": "self",
       "href": "/v1/transactions/673bcc81-3c71-4bf6-80c0-5269ad8b974b"



The response will be handled in the same way as any payments response, but will exclude the CVV, as this is not required for recurring payments.

Error responses

In this response the currency is invalid:

    "status": "error",
    "error_type": "validation",
    "title": "Your request parameters did not pass our validation.",
    "instance": "/v1/payments/recurring",
    "invalid_parameters": [
            "parameter": "transaction.currency",
            "reason": "transaction.currency can not be empty"

Reducing the risk of disputes

When processing recurring payments, we recommend to communicate how often and how much the customer will be charged as clearly as possible to avoid the risk of generating disputes. It is also advised to notify your customer in advance of their next payment, for example by sending them an email.