Get Started with the Hub


The Hub serves as our Admin Dashboard for you to manage all things payments. From here merchants can efficiently manage transactions, process voids and refunds and oversee payment operations with ease.

Whether you're tracking payment details, managing customer profiles, or optimising your payment processes, the Hub offers a tailored platform to streamline your payment management tasks and enhance your business performance. Let's delve into how the Hub can empower you to take control of your payments and drive success in your business.

Here's a list of our Hub guides. Clicking into the link will direct you to more details about each area.

Account SettingsIn this guide you will find detailed explanations on how to log-in to the Hub, how to reset your password and also what to do if your account is locked.
Transaction ManagementIn this guide you will find detail on how to view and understand your transactions, including how to navigate the Summary report.
Processing TransactionsLearn how to process voids and refunds from within the Hub.
Managing CustomersFind out how to manage Customers in the system, and review a customer's lifetime value to you.
Financial ReportingLearn about our financial reports that will support you with reconciling your processed transactions (Reconciliation and Settlement reports).
Managing User PermissionsUnderstand how to create, manage and delete user profiles.
Company SettingsLearn how to edit and manage your company information.