Understand how to utilise our Accounts functionalities.

Create an account

Accounts can be created by Acquired admins in the Hub, merchants can then view these details. To locate your account_id values, navigate to Settings > Banking Services and locate the required account values.

Retrieve an account

You can retrieve all details relating to a specific account, including the sort_code and account_number that the banking provider has associated to the account. Simply submit a GET request to the /accounts endpoint, appending the required account_id to the URL. For more information on this process, please see our API reference guide.

GET /accounts/{account_id}:

  "account_id": "4ebc5489-7b9f-4324-983e-07d4b2b00035",
  "account_reference": "Main Account",
  "account_detail": {
    "account_name": "Mr E Johnson",
    "sort_code": "123456",
    "account_number": "87654321"
  "balance": 100.02,
  "available_balance": 0,
  "account_status": "active",
  "created": "2023-05-25T12:46:40.886Z",
  "last_updated": "2023-05-25T12:46:40.886Z"



Utilise our filter parameter to select what data is returned within the response. For further information, please refer to our pagination guide.

Internal transfer

Acquired allows merchants to transfer funds immediately between their accounts.

To process an internal transfer between your accounts, submit the transaction detail and the payment details to the /payments/internal-transfer endpoint.

Please refer to the API reference documentation for further information on this process.

Example request:

  "transaction": {
    "order_id": "1f1f2a61-5b68-4725-a0ce-9560514ec00b",
    "amount": 15.02,
    "currency": "gbp"
  "payment": {
    "from_account_id": "6cf0fed2-fa2c-4145-876f-38091fddcb1d",
    "to_account_id": "a303519e-3b65-4a1e-b8b9-b480ade983f7",
    "reference": "InternalTransfer001"

Example response:

In your response you will receive the status of the transaction and the created transaction_id. This transaction_id can then be used in a GET request to retrieve the transaction details.

  "status": "success",
  "transaction_id": "8675253c-ac52-4871-8740-bf75dee1aba8"