Managing Accounts


The Accounts menu serves as a comprehensive hub for managing various account-related activities within our system. From tracking balances to facilitating payments, this menu provides users with essential tools to manage their accounts efficiently.

Accounts tab

Within the Accounts tab, users can easily access and monitor the balances associated with their Mids. This includes individual balances for each Mid as well as the combined total balance across all MIDs linked to the user's account.

Additionally, the Accounts tab offers seamless functionality for initiating payments to beneficiaries. By navigating to the 'pay' section, users gain access to a range of options:

  • Make a Payment to an Existing Beneficiary: Users can initiate payments to beneficiaries who are already set up in the system, streamlining the payment process.
  • Create a New Beneficiary: For new beneficiaries, users have the ability to securely add their details and set them up to receive payments conveniently.
  • Process a Bulk Payout: Users can efficiently process multiple payments in a single transaction, ideal for scenarios requiring mass payouts.

In the Transactions tab, users can delve deeper into their account activity by accessing a comprehensive overview of all transactions associated with a specific MID. This feature provides valuable insights into transaction history, allowing users to track payments, monitor activity, and reconcile accounts with ease.