Creating Collections


To initiate a Direct Debit collection, provide the transaction details in your API request.

Ensure that the order_id, amount, and currency fields are filled in the transaction section. Additionally, include the mandate_id in the payment section, which holds crucial information about the customer's bank account and associated personal details.

Additionally, the charge_date parameter should be populated with a future date denoting when the payment is to be collected. If the specified date falls on a non-working day, the system will automatically adjust it to the next available working day.

POST /payments/collections

  "transaction": {
    "order_id": "1f1f2a61-5b68-4725-a0ce-9560514ec00b",
    "amount": 15.02,
    "currency": "gbp",
    "custom_data": "L3BheW1lbnQtbGlua3MgcGF5IGN1c3RvbV9kYXRh",
    "custom1": "92b0c8d8-877b-4fe0-8493-92d3d896d918",
    "custom2": "4f0a0e0d-a407-46d8-841a-3409831d69a3"
  "payment": {
    "mandate_id": "18456786-5d7a-44a6-a4cb-aaaf95590f87",
    "charge_date": "2024-08-05"

A successful collection request will generate a transaction_id to be associated to the Direct Debit collection. The collection status will always be in pending in the response, Acquired will provide you with real-time updates on the collection's status through our collection webhook notifications.


  "status": "pending",
  "transaction_id": "bd3fbbcd-411e-4760-8a9f-7af420d26314"