Apple Pay (in-app)

Enable the use of Apple Pay within your app.

When processing Apple Pay in-app you are required to set up your own merchantIdentifier and create your own payment processing certificate.

To enable Apple Pay using your own certificates, you need to have the following:

  • An Apple Developer Account.
  • Access to our client portal, the Hub.

Setting up Apple Pay (in-app)

Step 1: Apple Developer account

Firstly, you need to set up your Apple Developer account. (If you already have an Apple Developer account, go to step 2.)



There is an annual fee of around £80 for an Apple Developer account.

Step 2: Create a merchantIdentifier

A merchantIdentifier uniquely identifies you as a merchant who is able to accept Apple Pay payments.

  1. Log into your Apple Developer account.
  2. Follow the Apple Developer Account Help instructions to create a merchantIdentifier.

Step 3: Create a payment processing certificate

A payment processing certificate is associated with your merchantIdentifier and used to encrypt payment information. The payment processing certificate expires every 25 months.

  1. Log into the Hub.
  2. Go to Settings > Payment Methods > Apple Pay.
  3. In the iOS Certificates section select + Add Certificates and enter the merchantIdentifier that you have just set up.
  4. Click to Download CSR File (this file is generated by
  5. Go back to the Apple Developer portal and click into the merchantIdentifier that you just created.
  6. Follow the Apple Developer Account Help instructions to create a Payment Processing Certificate.
  7. When it asks you to Upload a Certificate Signing Request, drag and drop the CSR file that created for you in step 2.
  8. Hit download in the Apple Developer portal and a .cer file will be created.
  9. Go back to the Hub.
  10. Click Upload Certificate, open the .cer file and hit Continue.



All the steps in this process are outlined in the pop-up '+ Add Certificates' window in the Hub.

Step 4: Register and validate your merchant domain

It is important to note that this process exists between the merchant and Apple.

Go to your Apple Developer account. Follow the Apple Developer Account Help instructions to register a merchant domain.

Step 5: Set the supportedNetworks property supports Apple Pay payments from Visa, Mastercard and Amex cards. You can define these cards in the supported_networks property when integrating. View the Apple Developer documentation here.



If you want to enable Amex cards there is further configuration needed for a specific Amex MID. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Step 6: Set the merchantCapabilities property

Define the 3DS merchant_capabilities option. View the Apple Developer documentation here.

Step 7: Process an Apple Pay payment

Now that you have configured Apple Pay you can process a payment using our guide here.