Indemnity Claim Raised


This webhook notification is to inform you that a customer has requested their bank to refund a payment under the Direct Debit guarantee, and the funds have been successfully returned to the customer.

The transaction_id value corresponds to the refunded payment. The refunded amount always matches the full transaction amount. If necessary, you can query the transaction_id to retrieve the refund amount.


  "webhook_type": "indemnity_raised",  
  "webhook_id": "018e8327-bc77-72ff-af46-14b7f5c31347",  
  "timestamp": 1711597403,  
  "webhook_body": {  
    "transaction_id": "018e8325-61cc-72b4-918f-8305ef2d21dc",  
    "order_id": "debit_collect_20240328114047",  
    "detail": {  
      "scheme": "bacs",  
      "report": "DDIC",  
      "reason_code": "5",  
      "reason_description": "No Instruction held"  
  "links": [  
      "rel": "self",  
      "href": "/v1/transactions/018e8325-61cc-72b4-918f-8305ef2d21dc"  
      "rel": "mandate",  
      "href": "/v1/mandates/c548c9af-e422-c56b-59ef-f2e4acaada67"  
      "rel": "customer",  
      "href": "/v1/customers/a1df7a66-c922-db0f-2939-726e86fa1dc1"  

For additional details regarding potential refund reasons and available challenges, please consult the DDIC Reason Codes.

Furthermore, we advise reaching out to your Account Manager, who can provide assistance with the challenge process.