Retrieving Transactions

Learn about retrieving transactions.


Every time that you submit a payment request, including, card payments, recurring payments, faster payments, Pay by Bank and Apple Pay/Google Pay, you are returned a transaction_id. You can then use the transactions endpoint to retrieve all transaction details. Different parameters will be returned for the different transaction type, for more information on what is returned, please view our different responses here.

If you submit a generic request such as, GET /transactions/{transaction_id} you will be returned all the parameters within the response.

Filter parameters returned

Our /transactions endpoint allows you to filter the parameters returned within the response. You can filter by all parameters that are returned.


In this example we are filtering the response of an individual transaction to just include status and reason.

GET /transactions/{transaction_id}?filter=status,reason

  "status": "declined",
  "reason": "closed_account"

In the next example we are filtering the request to return more parameters in the response.

GET /transactions/{transaction_id}?filter=status,reason,mid,payment_product,payment_method,transaction_type

  "status": "success",  
  "reason": "",  
  "mid": "a36c8fdb-bec8-c121-ac30-9cc41878f3d7",  
  "payment_product": "card",  
  "payment_method": "authorisation",  
  "transaction_type": "payment_in"