Mandate Statuses

Mandates created with can be in the following statuses:

PendingThe merchant has created the mandate but it has not yet been processed through the mandate timeline.
ActiveA mandate has been successfully created against the customer's bank account.
RejectedA mandate has been rejected by the customer's bank. The BRAUDDIS file is received and Acquired sends a webhook to the merchant notifying them that the mandate has been rejected.
CancelledThe Direct Debit mandate has been cancelled.

A mandate will remain in a pending status until its outcome is determined, at which point it will update to either active or rejected. Apart from these statuses, the only other status a mandate can hold is cancelled. Mandates can be revoked either by the merchant or by the customer through their bank.

To terminate a mandate, use the cancel a mandate endpoint. Should a customer cancel the mandate through their bank, Acquired will dispatch a mandate_cancelled webhook to inform you of this alteration. It’s crucial to effectively handle both of these scenarios.