Testing Google Pay

Once you have integrated Google Pay, you need to test that it works.

Firstly, view the Google Pay test card suite documentation. You can use these cards to test the PAN_ONLY authentication method. To test the CRYPTOGRAM_3DS authentication method, you need to use the real cards that are stored in your Google wallets in the QA environment.

In order to process Google Pay transactions, you are required to sign up for a business account in the Google Console.

You can simulate different responses from our API to test Google Pay by updating the amount field as detailed below:



For a successful response, submit any other value.

11.02declinedgeneric_declineIssuer returned a generic decline.
11.03declinedinsufficient_fundsThe account did not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction amount at the time of the transaction.
11.04declinedlost_or_stolenThe submitted card has expired or been reported lost and a new card has been issued.
91.01tds_pendingN/AAwaiting authorisation.