The Acquired.com API returns a status within the response for every request that you make. The status is a string type and indicates the status of the request, including moving through transitionary statuses before final status.

For statuses, declined, blocked, tds_error, tds_expired and tds_failed, there is also a reason associated that gives you more specific detail into what has occurred. For more information on reasons, view the reasons guide.

List of statuses

Statuses are broken down into card payment statuses and Pay by Bank statuses.

Card payment statuses

successThe request or payment has been successfully processed.
declinedThe payment request was declined by the bank, or the user failed to authenticate the payment.
blockedThere is a pre-configured rule that stopped the payment request from being processed.
errorThe request was received, but an error has occurred within the platform.
tds_errorThe user has not abandoned the process, but a technical issue has been encountered during the authentication process.
tds_expiredThe session has expired as the cardholder has not completed the authentication process.
tds_failedThe authentication process has failed. This status could occur due to a number of reasons.
tds_pendingAwaiting authentication completion.

Pay by Bank statuses

settledThe payment has been received into your Acquired.com settlement account. This status is only applicable for customers that use Acquired-held accounts, where Acquired.com collects the money.
executedThe payment request has been executed by the bank. If the funds are settled outside of an Acquired.com ledger, the final payment status would stay at executed.
cancelledThe user did not provide consent for the payment, selecting to reject the payment.
expiredThe payment has expired, i.e been abandoned by the user. The merchant would never actually receive this status, as they are only updated about the final status of the payment.
errorThe payment has failed. This could be because of an internal error or because something is wrong with the Faster Payments network.
declinedThe payment request was declined by the bank, or the user failed to authenticate the payment.