Whenever you send a request to the Acquired.com API you will receive a response in JSON format and a HTTP status code. The status code indicates the success or failure of a request to the server.

HTTP responses

Here is the list of HTTP responses that we use at Acquired.com:

200OKStandard response for successful HTTP requests. Indicates that everything worked as expected.
201CreatedThe request has been fulfilled, resulting in the creation of one or more new resources.
400Bad RequestThe Acquired.com API was unable to understand your request. This could be due to a syntax error.
401UnauthorizedAuthentication to the Acquired.com API failed resulting in an error response. This could be because you incorrectly entered your API keys or failed to enter them.
403ForbiddenYou do not have the required access to the requested resource.
409ConflictThe request conflicts with another request.
500Internal Server ErrorAn internal server error occurred while processing your request.

Successful request response

When your request is successful, you will receive either a 200 - OK or 201 - Created response.

200 - OK

In the below request we are updating a customer record:

     "last_name": "Jones"


    "status": "Success"

201 - Created

In this request we are creating a new card:

     "holder_name": "E Johnson",
     "scheme": "visa",
     "number": "4242424242424242",
     "expiry_month": 12,
     "expiry_year": 26,
     "cvv": "123"


  "card_id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6"