Release Notes - June 2023

Release date: 21st June 2023

What's Included?

  • Finaro: Reconciliation, Dispute and Fraud Reporting and One-Click Checkout.
  • Hosted Checkout: addition of Pay by Bank and MOTO payments.
  • Treasury API: Create a Payee, Process a Payout and Internal Transfer endpoints added.
  • Hub Developer tab


Finaro transactions are now included in the reconciliation reports that can be downloaded from the Hub, providing a complete view of all processing activities. Dispute and Fraud data for Finaro is also now available in the Hub, including the ability to create dispute packs to defend disputes.

One-click checkout transactions can now also be processed via Finaro, improving this Acquirer card processing capabilities.

Hosted Checkout

Pay by Bank is now available from Hosted Checkout, alongside all other supported payment methods (Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay). Pay by Bank can be turned on within the Hub, without any additional technical/integration effort. Further information in our documentation.

We have also added the ability to support MOTO payments, please view our API reference for further information.

Treasury API

We have released the first phase of our Treasury API, this includes, Creating a Payee, Processing a Payout and Internal Transfers. For further information on these, please refer to the API reference and guides.

Hub Developer tab

A new Developers tab has been created in the Hub, which includes all the information required by developers when integrating.

Please refer to our guides here: