Release Notes - September 2023

Release date: 20th September 2023

What's included?

  • Components - card payments
  • Payment Links
  • Faster Payments - retrieving account details
  • AMEX and Maestro enabled for Finaro


The first phase of our Components product has been released, which includes the ability to accept card payments without having sensitive cardholder data interacting with your server. Components comprises a collection of pre-built UI components supported by a Javascript SDK.

Please view our Components documentation for further information on this integration method.

Payment Links

Acquired's payment links solution allows you to take payments without the need for an integration to a digital checkout journey. We have released the capability to generate and send payment links by supporting different delivery methods. Payment Links is the simplest way to adopt our Hosted Checkout and boasts all the same benefits.

Please view our Payment Links documentation for more information.

Faster Payments - Retrieving Account Details

We have added the capability to retrieve account details by submitting a GET request to accounts/{account_id} endpoint. Please refer to our Accounts documentation for more information on this process.

AMEX and Maestro enabled for Finaro

We have enhanced our acquirer integration to enable Maestro and AMEX card types via Finaro. This brings the Finaro capabilities to the same standard as our other Tier 2 acquiring integrations.