Release Notes - November 2023

Release date:

  • Release 01: November 9th, 2023
  • Release 02: November 23rd, 2023

What's included?

  • Visa Network Tokens
  • Blocking credit cards on Hosted Checkout
  • Updates to various transaction types in Reconciliation Reporting
  • Improved customisation of payment link emails
  • Bug fixes:
    • Barclaycard Refunds
    • Payment Links via Email: character encoding

Visa Network Tokens

Process Visa recurring payments using Network Tokens across the majority of our acquiring bank partners. Network Tokenisation is great for merchants processing recurring payments.

Increase Success Rates
Network tokens are unique to a customer’s buying cycle at a single merchant and if exposed, can not be used for any other payment. The issuer is presented with data to match the token to the merchant anticipating a lift in success rates.

Reduce Fraud
Using network tokens to process online payments is more secure than using the PAN because it minimises the risk of exposing cardholders sensitive information, reducing fraud without additional merchant friction.

Real-time Updates
Leveraging our direct integrations with card issuers, if a customer's card is lost, stolen or expires, the network token will update before the payment is declined. The token continues to work without the customer having to update their card information.

Lower Network Costs
Card networks like Visa charge additional scheme fees for merchant initiated recurring payments processed without a network token.

Blocking credit cards on Hosted Checkout

Some merchants may not want to or be allowed to accept credit card payments. The Hosted Checkout can now handle this, stopping customers from attempting payment with a credit card.

Turning on the ‘Block Credit Cards’ configuration in the Hosted Checkout Settings of the Hub will ensure that customers can’t attempt payment with a credit card. When a customer enters a credit card number, they will instead be presented with a helpful error message within Checkout.

To learn more about the Hosted Checkout solution, check out our guide here.

Updates to various transaction types in Reconciliation Reporting

A number of changes related how certain transaction types are presented in Reconciliation Reports:

  1. Transaction type “Representment” via Cashflows will now be provided as “Dispute Response” in Reconciliation reports, and listed as a Credit amount.
  2. “Dispute Reversal” entries via Cashflows presented as a Credit amount in Reconciliation reports.
  3. Mastercard “Manual Adjustments” (fee type: M68) via Trust Payments will now be provided as “MC Repetitive Decline Fees” in Reconciliation reports.
  4. “RDR Pre-dispute reversals” via Trust Payments, related to Visa's Verify RDR dispute resolution service, will now be included as type: “Dispute Response” in Recon reports.

Customised payment link emails

The look and feel of the email that gets received with a payment link is now greatly improved, using the same logo and design customisation as your Checkout page. Ensure that the look and feel of your branding is delivered in emails that contain payment links.

Sample email delivering a payment link

Sample email delivering a payment link

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with refunds processed by Barclaycard have been resolved
  • Some minor character encoding issues within the email message of Payment Links sent via Email have been resolved. Send customised emails which contain a link to a payment page all from the Hub, no coding or integration required.