Every time you submit a payment request, including, card, recurring payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, you are returned a transaction_id. You can then use the transactions endpoint to query the transaction details. The transactions endpoint also allows you to process refunds, voids and captures using the original payment transaction_id to submit the request.

Transaction object example:

    "transaction_id": "62f637cd-22de-5114-e6be-41b3a22b0183",
    "status": "success",
    "reason": "",
    "mid": "a36c8fdb-bec8-c121-ac30-9cc41878f3d7",
    "payment_product": "card",
    "payment_method": "authorisation",
    "transaction_type": "payment_in",
    "transaction": {
        "order_id": "6234ae00-1352-4bd7-872a-f328df1b7096",
        "amount": 20.99,
        "currency": "gbp",
        "moto": false,
        "capture": true
    "check": {
        "avs_line1": "matched",
        "avs_postcode": "matched",
        "cvv": "matched"
    "tds": {
      "eci": "05",
      "cardholder_response_info": ""
    "issuer_response_code": "00",
    "authorisation_code": "12345",
    "acquirer_reference_number": "AA0703230000001",
    "scheme_reference_data": "12345678",
    "card_id": "d7893792-b026-f4f1-2baf-ea2479e98630",
    "card": {
        "holder_name": "E Smith",
        "scheme": "visa",
        "number": "4000 01XX XXXX 8710",
        "expiry_month": 10,
        "expiry_year": 26,
        "cvv": "###"
    "bin": {
        "issuing_bank": "ACQUIRED.COM",
        "card_category": "DEBIT",
        "product_type": "CONSUMER",
        "card_level": "STANDARD",
        "issuing_country": "United Kingdom",
        "issuing_country_iso2": "GB",
        "eea_indicator": "0",
        "non_reloadable": "0"
    "customer_id": "4f3970f9-3cf8-424d-299e-631dea1b7d30",
    "customer": {
        "reference": "customer_number_00008",
        "first_name": "Edward",
        "last_name": "Smith",
        "dob": "1988-10-03",
        "ip": "",
        "billing": {
            "address": {
                "line_1": "152 Aldgate Drive",
                "line_2": "",
                "city": "London",
                "state": "",
                "postcode": "E1 7RT",
                "country_code": "GB"
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "phone": {
                "country_code": "44",
                "number": "2039826580"
        "shipping": {
            "address_match": false,
            "address": {
                "line_1": "152 Aldgate Drive",
                "line_2": "",
                "city": "London",
                "state": "",
                "postcode": "E1 7RT",
                "country_code": "GB"
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "phone": {
                "country_code": "44",
                "number": "2039826580"
    "created": "2023-03-14 14:00:39",
    "last_updated": "2023-03-14 14:00:39",
    "credential_on_file": "null",
    "custom_data": "L3BheW1lbnQtbGlua3MgcGF5IGN1c3RvbV9kYXRh"

See below a full list of all the parameters returned in the response

transaction_idstringUnique ID assigned by Acquired.com for the transaction (GUID).
statusstringThe current status of the transaction.
reasonstringThe associated reason mapped to the status (only returned for declined, blocked, tds_error, tds_failed and tds_expired statuses).
midstringUnique ID assigned by Acquired.com for the MID (GUID).
payment_productstringThe product that the transaction was completed with: card
payment_methodstringDetail of how the transaction has been executed: authorisation apple_pay google_pay refund void visa_direct mastercard_send
transaction_typestringThe detail of what type of transaction was performed (such as receiving or sending funds): payment_in payment_out null
transaction (object)stringIncludes details of the transaction, including, order_id, amount and currency
check (object)stringReturns details of the AVS and CVV checks.
tds (object)stringIncludes details of the tds outcome, including, eci and cardholder_response_info.
issuer_response_codeintegerTransaction result code from the issuing bank.
authorisation_codeintegerCredit card code to indicate whether the transaction has been approved or declined.
acquirer_reference_numberintegerUnique reference number assigned to the transaction as it moves through the payment flow.
scheme_reference_datastringUnique reference generated by the card scheme.
card_idstringUnique ID assigned by Acquired.com for the card (GUID).
card (object)stringIncludes all card details, such as, holder_name, scheme and number.
bin (object)stringIncludes all card BIN data, such as, issuing_bank and card_category.
customer_idstringUnique ID assigned by Acquired.com for the customer (GUID).
customer (object)stringDetails of the customer object, including, reference, last_name and dob.
billing (object)stringIncludes the address, email and phone detail for the billing object.
shipping (object)stringIncludes the address, email and phone detail for the shipping object.
createdtimestampTime at which the object was created in ISO 8601 format.
last_updatedtimestampTime at which the object was last updated in ISO 8601 format.
credential_on_filestringUse to identify whether the transaction is the first or a subsequent transaction: first, recurring and null
custom_datastringBase64 encoded string detailing custom data passed in the request.
subscription_reasonstringIndicates the reason for processing an authorisation request against a previously stored card: recurring, instalment,unscheduled, resubmission, reauthorisation, delayed_charge and no_show