Transactions Reporting


To view the transaction reporting, navigate to the Transactions menu and open the Transaction Summary tab (alternatively, you can view more specific detail in the Transactions tab).

Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary report provides an in-depth overview of transaction data. The data can be filtered by specific transaction types and also by date range (you can filter the data daily, weekly or monthly with a maximum of 3 months at a time).

The data is broken down into three main focus points:

  1. Transaction Count: This is the total count of transactions (whether they were successful or declined).
  2. Success Rate: This is the % of successful vs declined transactions.
  3. Sales Amount: The total number of successful transactions (minus any refunds).

In the second section of the report, we provide a line graph to display the successful and declined transactions (based on the filters you have configured).

In the last section of the report, you will see a breakdown of each individual transaction split out against specific Company IDs and individual MIDs. You can also view the Company and MID totals with the list of subsequent transactions. This allows you to view more detail about each transaction, rather than all transactions in your required date range.

To export the data, hit the export button at the top of the report. This will download the report into a CSV file.


Navigate to the Transactions tab to view a list of all transaction requests. This view allows an extensive way to filter for a more narrowed search. From this report you are also able to view the cardholder information.

To view the transaction detail, click into the transaction_id and you will be redirected to the Transaction Details page.

The layout defaults to include all the key details available without having to search. It shows the unique Transaction ID, the Company and MID associated with the transaction and transaction results.