Taking Payments


Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal allows you to make one-off immediate payments when a customer has provided their card details over the phone, online or by email.

Take a payment via Virtual Terminal

  1. Go to Terminals > Virtual Terminal.
  2. Ensure that the transaction is set to Virtual Terminal.

  1. Fill in the following fields:



When filling in these fields please ensure that you do not enter a trailing or leading space as this will cause validation errors.

CompanyRequiredThe company name.
MIDRequiredThe required MID account.
Transaction TypeRequiredSet to AUTH_CAPTURE.
Order IDRequiredUnique internal order reference (e.g. 1234567_001).
AmountRequiredEnter the amount the customer wants to pay (if they are paying now).
CurrencyRequiredThe currency of the transaction (only currencies associated to that MID will be displayed).
Merchant Custom 1 / 2 / 3OptionalCustom fields free to use (e.g. showroom, sales person, customer order details).
Customer ReferenceOptionalUnique internal customer reference.
First NameOptionalCustomer's first name.
Last NameOptionalCustomer's last name.
DOBOptionalCustomer's date of birth.
Address 1 / 2OptionalFirst/second line of customer's billing address.
CityOptionalCustomer's city where applicable.
ZIP/PostcodeRequiredCustomer's postcode.
CountryOptionalCustomer's country.
PhoneOptionalCustomer's phone number.
EmailOptionalCustomer's email address.
Cardholder nameRequiredThe name of the cardholder.
Card NumberRequiredThe full PAN.
Expiry DateRequiredThe card expiry date, in format MM/YY.
CVVRequired3 or 4 digit security code that appears on the customer's card.
  1. Hit Submit to process the payment!

Other features

We also have the ability to use a previously Saved Card. To link to the card you would enter the Transaction ID and confirm that the customer is present and then simply enter the CVV value and Submit.