Ethoca and Verifi RDR


For merchants experiencing high chargebacks, Ethoca and Verifi RDR are very efficient chargeback management tools. Each tool essentially provides an alert to the merchant informing them that a transaction is at risk of having a chargeback raised against it. This therefore allows the merchant to take action by either refunding the transaction, or allowing it to proceed into a chargeback at which point they would have the option to submit a chargeback defence should they wish to.


Ethoca covers Mastercard related transactions and works by sharing chargeback data from issuing banks in near-real-time and enables merchants to refund the transaction and therefore stop a potential chargeback from occurring. has enhanced this solution and has logic in place which allows merchant to auto-refund all Ethoca alerts should they wish to instead of reviewing each alert individually.

Verifi RDR

Verifi RDR covers VISA relation transactions and works with issuing banks to notify merchants of a pre-dispute. Merchants can automatically resolve pre-dispute cases so that they do not proceed onto a chargeback by auto-refunding the customer. Acquired get notified once a day by our acquiring connections of the Verifi RDR refunds that have taken place.

The benefits of using such tools and auto-refunding means that merchants do not need to go through the arduous chargeback defence process, the £25 chargeback fee does not get applied and finally, can keep their dispute count and ratios low.