What is a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)?

When a customer signs up for your subscription service and agrees to pay or ‘re-pay’ a certain amount on a recurring basis, they are giving you their Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) – it’s like a recurring debit on your bank account.

What happens if a customer cancels a CPA?

We are not notified before you try to collect funds if the CPA has been cancelled, therefore we have created a specific response code which will help you identify which transactions fall under this scenario.


When you receive this reason within the payment response, it is recommended that you complete the following actions:

  • Contact the customer to obtain a new CPA.
  • Update your internal systems to stop any further processing via this CPA.

Cancellations report

All transactions with the cardholder_cancellation reason are displayed in this report.

The information is conveniently displayed in the form of a list that includes details of all cancellations. This allows you to pinpoint the customers who initiated the cancellations and enables you to enhance your future processing procedures.

Report parameters

Card TypeThe scheme that the card belongs to (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX).
MIDThe unique ID assigned by for the MID.
Company NameThe company name.
Transaction DateThe date the transaction was processed.
Transaction_idThe unique reference assigned by for the transaction.
Cardholder NameCardholder's name as provided within the transaction request.
Card NumberThe last 4 digits of the card number.
CurrencyThe currency that the transaction was processed in.
AmountThe transaction amount that was collected.