Please find a list of our frequently asked questions guides, clicking into the FAQ will direct you to the relevant page. To view detail about what is included in the guide, see the description column.

Account SettingsIn this guide you will find detailed explanations on how to log-in to the Hub, how to reset your password and also what to do if your account is locked.
Taking PaymentsFollow this guide to understand how to take payments via the Virtual Terminal and Payment Links.
Transactions ReportingUnderstand the Transaction Summary report, which includes detail as to why a transaction was declined and how to export the report.
Processing TransactionsLearn how to process voids and refunds from within the Hub.
Financial ReportingLearn about our financial reports that will support you with reconciling your processed transactions (Reconciliation and Settlement reports).
Managing User PermissionsUnderstand how to create, manage and delete user profiles.
Company SettingsLearn how to edit and manage your company information.
Handling DisputesUnderstand the dispute management process, including how to create defence packs, view and manage disputes and also detail into the dispute reason codes.
BlocklistingUnderstand how to utilise the blocklisting tool, that allows you to blocklist, card numbers, IP addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.
Fraud AlertsLearn how to navigate the Fraud Alerts report, including information on the Fraud Monitoring Programs.
CancellationsUnderstand all aspects of the Cancellations Report. This guide also includes further information on Continuous Payment Authority (CPA).
Managing TransactionsIn this guide you will find detail on how to view and understand your transactions.
Audit LogView and understand all aspects of the Audit Log.
Velocity ChecksThis section will guide you through the velocity parameters you can implement on your account.
Ethoca and Verifi RDRUnderstand the Ethoca and Verifi RDR processes.
Fraud and Dispute Monitoring ProgramsLearn about the monitoring programs operated by the card networks.