WooCommerce v1.2.9

Version: v1.2.9

Date: 15/04/2024

What's included?

  • Google Pay implementation to production
  • Amount mismatch error with Apple Pay discount application
  • Order confirmation issues (Google Pay and Apple Pay)

Google Pay implementation to production

With the earlier implementation, the Google Pay functionality was restricted to the test environment only and as a result some merchants were unable to process live Google Pay transactions. We have introduced an additional field in the settings to facilitate merchants in accepting payments via Google Pay in the production environment.

This updates enables seamless integration of Google Pay for live transactions for all WooCommerce users, empowering merchants to offer a more convenient payment experience to their customers.

Amount mismatch error with Apple Pay discount application

Previously, users encountered an amount mismatch error during discount application when processing payments via Apple Pay. The system now accurately applies discounts when users utilise Apple Pay for transactions, ensuring consistency and reliability in payment processing.

Order confirmation issues

Previously, customers checking out using Google Pay and Apple Pay on the Cart or Product pages did not receive an email confirmation. This resolution ensures that all users utilising these payment methods for transactions will now receive automatic email confirmations as expected.