Release Notes - 27/02/2024

Version: 2024.02.27.1

Date: 27/02/2024

What's included?

  • Bug with the webhook log table
  • Messaging update for Google Pay PAN_ONLY - Lloyds

Bug with the webhook log table

When searching within the webhook log table, users were unable to click into the order_id field and be directed to the Transactions Details LIST page.

On investigation we determined that this related specifically to the customer_new webhook. As a resolution, a fix has been implemented to disable the link associated with this webhook.

Messaging update for Google Pay PAN_ONLY - Lloyds

In response to comprehensive production testing conducted in collaboration with Lloyds, we've identified the need for refinement in the messaging for Google Pay transactions, particularly in cases where the authentication method is PAN_ONLY.

Previously, our system included auxiliary data 0102 in the request sent to Lloyds for Google Pay transactions utilising the PAN_ONLY authentication method. With this update, we have implemented a modification to the messaging process. As a result, auxiliary data 0102 will no longer be transmitted in the request to Lloyds when processing Google Pay transactions authenticated via PAN_ONLY.

This enhancement is applicable to both Visa and Mastercard transactions conducted through Google Pay, specifically when the authentication method employed is PAN_ONLY.