Release Notes - 10/04/2024

Version: 2024.04.10.1

Date: 10.04.2024

What's included?

  • Components Enhancements:
    • Add Support for Popular Google Fonts
    • Payment Component: Align Font Families
    • Fields and Form Components: Returning Customer Journey
  • Trust Payments - Messaging for Mastercard Network Tokens

Components Enhancements

  1. Add support for popular Google Fonts:

In our continuous effort to improve our Components solution, we have now added support for the top five most Google Fonts.

  • Lato
  • Montserrat
  • Poppins
  • Roboto
  • Open Sans

This addition allows you to incorporate these fonts directly into your Components styling.

  1. Payment component: Align font families:

There was an inconsistency in the application of the fontFamily style within the Payment component. When the fontFamily was set to "Comic Sans MS," only the placeholders and fields of the card form reflected this change. However, text associated with digital wallet options, various button labels, and instructions would not adopt the specified font family, resulting in a disjointed appearance.

This has been resolved so that the font information (including fontFamily, fontWeight, etc.) in the style element now uniformly impacts all text within the entire payment component. This ensures a consistent visual appearance that can be easily customised to match your site preferences.

  1. Fields and Form components: Returning customer journey:

This improvement enables the Fields and Form components to better support the returning customers' journey, with a focus on securely collecting the cardholder's CVV data.

With our initial components launch, facilitating the returning customer journey was restricted to the Payment component. While developers could potentially construct this flow manually using APIs, there lacked a secure method for capturing the CVV data from the cardholder.

We have now improved this solution to load the cardCvv component independently, linking it with an existing card_id, thus enabling a secure completion of the checkout process. This enhancement ensures a smoother and more secure experience for returning customers.

Trust Payments - Messaging for Mastercard Network Tokens

We have introduced some required updates to our Mastercard Network Tokens messaging for Trust Payments.