Release Notes - 03/04/2024

Version: 2024.04.03.1

Date: 03/04/2024

What's included?

  • Customers Page
  • Components Enhancements:
    • Components Expansion Issue
    • Payment Component: Updated Designs
  • Changes to Capture, Refund and Void Transactions
    • Link to customer_id
    • Link to order_id
  • GET /transactions

Customers Page

This upcoming release marks the debut of the Customers page in the Hub, granting merchant users access for the first time. The Customers page will act as a centralised location where merchants can conveniently find and manage their customer base. (This is available to merchants who actively create customer IDs.)

Key features included:

  • Comprehensive list of all customers
  • Detailed transaction history for each customer
  • Access to customer details, including billing and shipping information

Components Enhancements

We continue to develop and approve our Components solution.

  1. Component expansion issue:

In our Components solution, we have addressed an issue where the payments form did not expand the components for new customers. Previously, the card components remained contracted even after clicking. We have now ensured that the Card Components are selected by default and appear in their expanded form as expected.

  1. Payment Component: Updated Designs:

We've implemented an "accordion" style design when generating Payment Form for Components. This design feature neatly organises each payment method within bordered sections, enhancing the merchant developers' experience in handling the component on their site. The arrangement facilitates the positioning of accompanying text or payment buttons beneath it, ensuring a streamlined checkout process.

Changes to Capture, Refund and Void Transactions

In this release, Hub users of the Rest API can now benefit from enhanced transaction association capabilities.

  1. Link to customer_id:

With this update, Capture, Refund, or Void requests made through the Rest API will now be seamlessly linked to the Customer ID of the parent transaction ID. This enhancement enables users to conveniently access all pertinent transactions related to a specific Customer ID directly within the Hub interface.

  1. Link to order_id:

We've implemented an enhancement to improve the accessibility of transaction details. Now, when making Capture, Refund, or Void requests, the order_id field will include "N/A" as default. This adjustment allows users to conveniently access the transaction details page via a hyperlink associated with "N/A," facilitating smoother navigation and streamlined transaction management.

GET /transactions

In this release, we've introduced a new endpoint, GET /v1/transactions, to our REST API. This endpoint allows developers to retrieve processed transaction details from the Hub without the need to internally log or store this data.

The GET /transactions endpoint supports pagination, including query parameters for offset, limit, and filters, providing flexibility in managing large datasets. We've also added standard pagination metadata to the response for easier navigation. Additionally, we've included query parameters enabling users to filter transactions by various criteria such as start and end dates, order ID, status, currency, reason, payment method, transaction type, and recurring type.

Please refer to our API reference for further information on this endpoint.