Release 28/05/2024

Version: 2024.05.28.1

Date: 28.05.2024

What's included?

  • Hub rebrand
  • Enhancements for sub-accounts apge
  • Refunds to expired cards
  • Auto-generate password reset email after Hub account is locked
  • Added subscription type to BIN filters
  • Bug fixes:
    • MID data for customers
    • Google Pay error in Components
    • Email validation error
    • 3DS error
    • MC Assessment Fees
    • BIN Data error
    • Pay by Bank refund time
    • Issue with exports
    • Hosted Checkout showing PBB as option when passing moto:true
    • Issue with Google Pay in Components

Hub Rebrand

Alongside our website rebrand, we have completed a full rebrand of the Hub with all the new colours.

Enhancements for Sub-accounts Page

We have implemented some minor enhancements to improve the user experience on the sub accounts page.

Firstly, we have added the ability to filter account results by selecting column headers. Additionally, we have introduced an option to filter results based on the status of the ledger.

Refunds to expired cards

We have added the ability to process refunds to expired cards via Trust Payments. Previously we didn’t send the expiry date field to Trust, we have now added support to do this.

Auto-generate password reset email after Hub account is locked

We have improved our password reset process to allow users to unlock their own accounts. If a user enters their password incorrectly six times, a message will be displayed, and a reset link will be sent to their email address. The user can then follow this link to unlock their account.

Added subscription type to BIN filters

We have added an ‘apply bin filter to' dropdown list in the BIN filter configuration section in the MID screen.

Bug Fixes

Please find a list of all resolved bug fixes here:

  1. MID data for customers:

We have resolved a bug in the GET /customer endpoint where we were requiring a MID.

  1. Google Pay error in Components:

There was an issue where Google Pay would not work in Components when the currency was EUR. This was due to the population of the country code (identified in a previous ticket for AP). The same logic has now been applied to Google Pay.

  1. Email validation error:

We have now updated the validation on the email field to accept + as a regex.

  1. 3DS error:

We have changed our response in the REST API to ensure that we don’t return an error when a card doesn’t support 3DS

  1. MC Assessment Fees:

We have made a change to rename MC repetitive decline fees to MC assessment fees after an incorrect mapping was identified.

  1. BIN Data error:

We have resolved an error where the BIN data was not matching what was displayed in the Hub.

  1. Pay by Bank refund time:

We have updated our logic to increase the PBB refund time.

  1. Issue with exports:

These was an issue with exporting transactions within the Hub, we have now increased the lines to not be limited to 5000 lines.

  1. Hosted Checkout showing PBB as option when passing moto:true:

We have resolved a bug where PBB was showing as a payment method in Hosted Checkout when passing moto as true.

  1. Issue with Google Pay in Components:

Previously we had set merchantInfo.merchantOrigin as a necessary requirement and were specifying that the company URL should be set to fix this. We have now updated our logic so that this is not required.