Release 25/06/2024

Version: 2024.06.25.1

Date: 25.06.2024

What's included?

  • Payment Links & Customers Improvements
  • Mastercard Network Tokens - Webhook Improvements
  • Components Enhancements:
    • Add support for Domain Allowlist
  • Bug fixes:
    • Customer search on Virtual Terminal
    • PBB payment reference (Barclays)
    • Status of declined transactions
    • Ethoca response issue
    • PBB declined issue
    • Webhook logic
    • Reconciliation reporting - Shift4 and Cashflows
    • Direct Debit mandate creation

Payment Links & Customers Improvements

We've made several improvements to Customer records in Payment Links. The Create Customer modal now has updated headers and subheader text to clarify required fields for EMV 3DS transactions and Financial Service Providers (MCC 6012). Field titles have been refined for better clarity. In the Payment Links form, section headers are now consistent, and the Customer section info box is responsive to screen size changes. Additionally, the Customer search function has been improved with live display of results, better handling of search criteria, and updated error messages.

Mastercard Network Tokens - Webhook Improvements

Previously, we were sending account_updater webhooks when there had been no changes to the card details of a network token, when a webhook was not required. We have updated the logic that this does not happen.

Network token webhooks will only be sent when the network token is updated with new PAN and expiry or when a new expiry only has been updated.

Components Enhancements

Domain registration update

Companies can now register localhost domains with specific ports (e.g., https://localhost:5000) in the JS SDK section of the Hub. Localhost domains without ports (e.g., https://localhost) are not allowed. Domains with ports are treated as valid for using Components.

Bug fixes

  1. Customer search on Virtual Terminal:

We have enabled 'enter' key support for submitting Customer search criteria in the Virtual Terminal.

  1. PBB payment reference (Barclays):

We have resolved a bug where PBB transactions were being declined via Barclays as we didn’t accept the 16-digit reference.

  1. Status of declined transactions:

There was an issue where the status of declined transactions were not being populated in the Hub export for Rest API transactions, this has now been resolved.

  1. Ethoca response issue:

Previously, there was an issue where Ethoca responses where showing ‘no match’ in the Response With' column, this has now been resolved.

  1. PBB declined issue:

We have resolved a bug where Pay by Bank transactions were showing as declined but the funds had been settled.

  1. Webhook logic:

We have updated our logic to ensure that webhook versions are not changed post release. We have also updated the default webhook to be set to v2 when creating a new company.

  1. Reconciliation reporting - Shift4 and Cashflows:

We have updated the Shift4 and Cashflows reconciliation report logic to run from daily to hourly, to ensure any late uploads from the acquirer are not missed.

  1. Direct Debit mandate creation:

Previously we were returning a success status instead of pending when a mandate was created.