Release 11/06/2024

Version: 2024.06.11.1

Date: 11.06.2024

What's included?

  • Auto-retry logic
  • Enable BIN blocks on Components
  • Apple Pay Recurring - Load balancing for Trust Payments
  • Components domain allowlist restrictions
  • Bug fixes:
    • Validation rules for custom1 and custom2
    • Hosted Checkout webhook issues (Dividebuy)
    • 2FA QR code
    • invalid_parameters in the /transactions/capture endpoint
    • Network Tokens (Rest API)
    • Transaction endpoint issue
    • Pay by Bank ability to test refunds in QA

Auto-retry logic

We're excited to announce the initial phase of our new auto-retry logic, designed to boost merchants success rates. When transactions face generic “do not honour” declines, Acquired will automatically retry the transaction with an alternative acquirer in real time. We're eager to measure the impact and continue enhancing this feature.

Enable BIN blocks on Components

We are pleased to introduce a new feature for merchants integrated the Payment Component: the ability to block cards based on the BIN Filter directly at the point of entry. This enhancement will display an appropriate message to cardholders when a blocked card is entered, allowing them to provide an alternative card number immediately. This improvement aims to increase conversion rates for merchants and reduce the occurrence of status:blocked responses during the checkout process.

Apple Pay Recurring - Load Balancing for Trust Payments

When we initially delivered Apple Pay Recurring, Trust Payments could not support the capability. They have now added changes to support this, so we have updated our logic to ensure that load balancing is enabled for Trust Payments when processing Apple Pay Recurring transactions.

Components Domain Allowlist Restrictions

We identified some restrictions on the domain allowlist for Components. Specifically, it was not possible to provide a custom port (e.g., for local testing), and the same domain could not be registered with more than one company. To address these issues, we will remove the uniqueness requirement for domains in the JS SDK section of the Hub and allow URLs with standard port syntax (e.g., The existing domain wildcard syntax will continue to work when a port number is provided. The port number is optional and should be omitted if not provided. It cannot be a wildcard and, when provided, browser matching must include that port. Additionally, the domain "localhost" may be used with a port instead of a domain matching the other rules.

Bug fixes

Please find a list of all resolved bug fixes here:

  1. Validation rules for custom1 and custom2:

We have updated our validation to accept + in transaction.custom1 and transaction.custom2.

  1. 2FA QR code:

There was an issue where the QR code was too dense, we have reconfigured this to resolved the issue.

  1. invalid_parameters in the /transactions/capture endpoint:

We were returning the invalid_parameters as a single object, rather than an array of objects as required, this has now been resolved.

  1. Network tokens (Rest API):

Previously we were processing duplicate requests for network tokens, which was causing errors. This has now been resolved.

  1. Direct Debit mandates status:

We were incorrectly returning a success status when a Direct Debit mandate request was created, this has now been resolved and changed to pending.

  1. Transactions endpoint issue:

There was an issue where merchants were unable to query a transaction via an order_id, this has now been resolved.

  1. Pay by Bank ability to test refunds in QA:

We have added the ability to test PBB refunds in QA using the following value: 1.23